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InBody 230

InBody 230

Model: InBody230

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Fast, Easy, Portable

The InBody230 provides precision body composition with segmental lean analysis and body fat analysis in less than 30 seconds. Its foldable design, fast results and intuitive user-interface make the InBody230 an invaluable tool for monitoring health and fitness.

  Body composition by longstanding, trusted InBody technology
Provides essential data for any weight loss and fitness program
Provides quick analysis of body composition as well as segmental muscle and body fat analysis
Personal, user friendly result sheet, with thermal result sheet option
Measurement data is stored and can viewed and manipulated on your computer
  One person can move the product with 3-step folding function
Easy installation and removal without assembling process
32 lbs. compact enough for travel
  Notably unique design
Ultra-slim design for economic use of space
Comfortable and efficient space organization designed with customers in mind

Lean Body Mass
Body Fat Mass
Total Body Water
Dry Lean Mass
Body Mass Index(BMI)
Percent Body Fat
Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR)
Segmental Lean Mass(Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right leg, Left Leg)
Impedance of Each Segments


InBody230 Thermal Printer can print test
results anytime anywhere

InBody230 Carrying Bag assists in carrying
the InBody230 conveniently and safely